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Eternal Youth

Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo describes the results of a research project at Johns Hopkins as clearing a “path to the fountain of eternal youth.” And Brian Dodson at Gizmap explains the scientists “have developed […]

Baltic UFO has Nazi origin?

The controversy around the mysterious object, which was found in August of last year on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, continues. Some experts believe that the finding has absolutely […]

Hurricane Leslie May Get Stronger.

Hurricane Leslie may grow into a Category 2 storm with winds of 110 miles (177 kilometers) per hour as it approaches Bermuda over the weekend and then moves north toward Newfoundland. […]

Life or Death

What if you were taken out of your home and held for ransom, and you couldn’t come up with the money yourself but had to rely on others to help you out. Would […]

Revolt Is Our Only Option?

The vagueness of critical terms in the NDAA could enable the federal government to interpret the law in a way that authorizes them to label journalists and political activists who […]

Russell Crow as Noah

NEW YORK (AP) – Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe lost his way kayaking in the waters off New York’s Long Island and was picked up by a U.S. Coast Guard boat […]

Miracle man.

By Godfrey. I grew up most of my life being sick with asthma in and out of hospitals most of my childhood. I remember not being allowed to go out to […]

Terminator, The Next Generation of Drones

Drones have revolutionized warfare and may soon transform civilian life, too. The machines have already been introduced into U.S. skies, patrolling the Mexican border and assisting with other law enforcement […]