“That has a natural conclusion. If you’re gonna shut people up, if you’re gonna bully ’em, if you are a gonna shut ’em down, if you’re gonna make sure they cannot be heard say on a college campus or in a public protest – if you’re gonna make sure they can’t be heard in the classroom or on Facebook or Twitter – then how far is it down the road where you don’t want them to be heard at the ballot box?
via Limbaugh: Only 1 thing standing in left’s way
The suspense over all this was palpable earlier this week. The showman in the president beat a drum so effectively last weekend that we all watched with excited pulse rates on Monday night. I was and remain extremely disappointed. Donald Trump -- whatever you think of him as a president -- has been utterly faithful to his campaign promises in foreign and domestic policy. Until now.
via Judge Andrew Napolitano: Why I am so deeply disappointed by Trump's Supreme Court pick | Fox News