We search the stars themselves to find life but kill anything with a heartbeat here on earth. – R. L. Godfrey

Love, live, and learn, for tomorrow we all die until Jesus comes. – R. L. Godfrey

The scientific knowledge of our time and age is not the sum of all knowledge nor the amount of all science. For the sum of all knowing lies within the one who knows all, the ancient of days, Jesus Christ the righteous, the central authority of all worlds, in all space, and in every time. – R. L. Godfrey

Most live for a time, few live for eternity. – R. L. Godfrey

Almost everyone missed the first coming of Jesus Christ to earth, and only the wise will catch the second. – R. L. Godfrey

Problems, heartbreaks, setbacks, shattered dreams, betrayals, and even disasters are not the issues, but it’s how we deal with them when they come at us at light speed that makes all the difference. – R. L. Godfrey

Worry is for the faithless, never worry, faith it, in prayer, for its the most powerful weapon on earth. – R. L. Godfrey

The only treasure worth anything is the one you carry on the inside. For that treasure will carry you to a home not seen by the natural eye. – R. L. Godfrey

Nothing is as important as loving the lover of the human soul, to know God, and God knowing you, walking with the master, giving Him ourselves. For He alone is worthy of our best. – R. L. Godfrey

Buy what you don’t need and eventually, you will sell what you do, so buy what you must, and end the fuss. And buy the truth and sell it not – R. L. Godfrey

You write your own obituary by making excuses or passionately making a difference. – R. L. Godfrey

An empty tomb speaks volumes of Gods grace and power and lays to rest all doubts that Jesus is God in the flesh reconciling the world unto himself, pushing the disciples out of fear, and lifting them all to unstoppable and unquenchable faith. – R. L. Godfrey

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